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Moonlighting in Law Enforcement

Moonlighting pre-dates even the first police department in the United States in 1838. Moonlighting refers to any officer working privately for another company or person while on their off hours. Back in the early 19th Century this was done at night under the moonlight, hence the term moonlighting.


Today moonlighting gets referred to by different names, such as, Off Duty, Extra Duty, Secondary Employment, Coordinated Overtime etc. This would refer to anytime a police officer is working with or for a private party where they are paid by the hiring party or their department is reimbursed for the officer's hours.

illuno built a proprietary marketplace to organize these jobs across the country in an attempt to re-build the bridge between Police Departments and their communities.


Simple & User-friendly Interface

illuno brings police departments and their communities together on a simple-to-use application. Hiring "Off-Duty" officers should not be a time/resource-consuming process for either the Department or the hiring party. We are able to bring all three parties together for each event: the Department, the hiring party, and the police officer.


Global Scalability

illuno's platform was built for boundless expansion, giving it the ability to provide for every metropolitan area in the United States and beyond. The inception of the platform was to be able to staff hundreds of officers at an NFL game with varying rates and skill levels of officers. We utilize an infinitely scalable cloud architecture to be able to facilitate any and every Off-Duty request. 

Cost Effective Tool

illuno was built to be the solution for every party involved. We understand that police departments are often understaffed and underfunded so we have committed to making illuno a no-cost solution for every department and every officer forever. We charge the hiring party a small percentage of the cost of the detail. As an added benefit to every department that we work with, we give back a percentage of everything that we make in their jurisdiction as a charitable donation at the end of the year.


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