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Department Services

illuno is a world class software for your department to administer your "Off-Duty" programs. Your Point of Contact can approve requests, staff your officers, manage the contract, receive payment and have access to real time data for your officers.

Officer Services

illuno will allow your police officers to accept jobs, clock in/clock out, submit timesheets and upload payment info if you wish them to receive payment directly. We also offer a comprehensive insurance policy for every officer on every job.

Client Services

illuno will allow any contractor in the country to request your officers for any job within your jurisdiction 24/7. You will not have to man the phone lines or leave customers on hold when your point of contact is on vacation.



illuno is a police services company that has developed a world class software to offer to Police Departments and its officers. illuno started in Western Washington as an "Off-Duty" staffing company called Prime Ops. 

They staffed and scheduled "Off-Duty" officers by connecting various industries to the local Police Departments. Through the years of building relationships with local Departments, Prime Ops sought out a way to bring massive value to it's local Departments.

They developed illuno to offer Departments a cost-free solution that not only provides Departments with the best technology available, but also provides a full insurance policy for every officer on every job.

illuno has established itself as a police company first and is wholly committed to giving back to the Police community.





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